About Us

Resilient Focus; Who Are We?

Resilient Counselling and Consulting provides confidential, personalized counselling support to help people achieve their personal and collective best in their life’s domain, such as social, emotional, vocational and relational. Resilient Focus will work with you to help improve your social and emotional functioning, general sense of well being, reduce emotional distress, personal stress, relationship breakdowns and general feelings of dis ease. 

Respect is

Above all else you can expect to be treated with care, and in a professional manner.  We will thoroughly explore your needs and related experiences and arrive at a mutually defined intervention (goal). We will also provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the progress of your counselling support, We are Particularly Resilient Focused.  

We believe that in every person even in the most adverse circumstances is “a center that holds“; and that during times of crisis, stress, growth and personal/relational development, people may derive great benefit from a professional counselor who truly cares to assist them in accessing their capacities to confidently address their challenges. With the help & guidance of Resilient Focus people will no longer experience themselves through lenses of challenges and difficulties. 

Resilient Focus; What Do We Do?

Resilient Focus Counseling and Consulting provides counselling, workshops, conferences and related supports to encourage, reinforce and strengthen the individuals capacity for Resilience. We will help and guide you through challenges and issues throughout the journey of your life. For more information please visit our contact page to schedule an appointment!

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