Mental Illness; Checklist

Mental illness

Is someone you know showing signs of suffering from Mental Illness?

Everyone is different, however their are some clear warning signs that exist, and people should be aware and have the ability to identify them. You can use this Mental State checklist to monitor someone who you may suspect to have some  mental illness issues. You can identify and record changes in that persons behaviour or how they may be thinking.  

Please keep in mind that this just because someone may be experiencing or exhibiting some of the things on this list does not necessarily mean that the individual is suffering from a mental illness.  This list should be used as a gauge and relative to the persons surroundings and experiences.  However if you do feel that one too many of these things on the list are checked off we would urge that you consider approaching him/her to seek professional opinion or help. 

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Mental illness
Mental illness
Mental health

Pleae remember that just because you notice some of these behaviours or experiences in an individual does not mean they are suffering from a Mental illness, this is simply a guide to help and and anticipate.

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